"dick rocks as far as the eye can see!"

Hi everybody, I wanted to say thank you to all my followers for watching my mad experiments, and thank those who contacted me about commissions and other info about my work, process, education, and getting into the industry. it's been a blast.

I will be moving the bulk of my activity to facebook, twitter and my brand new shiny website :D so please continue following and contacting me, I love hearing from you <3 br="">
nodeworld sketches

substrata concepts

couple of swamp themed concepts for the substrata project.

viking portrait

been watching the "Vikings" awesome show with tons of character :D

today's study

did a mech study from a genius 3d artist by the name of Vitaly bulgarov

tuesday night robot

Practicing robot/mech stuff :S

lunch sketch

Jenny greenteeth has yellow teeth :P

sawterday update

some old warhammer stuff and some loosey goose sketches