I have chatted with a few different friends on several occasions and i guess i could say a light has gone off in my head.i have been very committed in my pursuit of being a certain kind of artist. however, this has got to change, not the ambition part just the way i approach my stuff. my pieces have become stale with repitition and i can't have that. things i need to do is figure out how to sell myself, i need pieces that make my stuff stand out from the other billion artists and wannabe artists. my finished work needs more finish and a finish that says this was done by Chase. anyways, i'm not going to step away from doing my characters and creatures and all that good stuff, i'm just going to try and integrate these aspects in more rounded pieces. so i'm thinking instead of just figure, it's going to be more like figure on ground, groups, more illustrative pieces and all that jazz. oh and lots of studies, especially light and clothing.

here is a group of bar brawlers

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